Providing flooring manufactured from natural supplies akin to Bamboo flooring

From providing flooring manufactured from natural supplies akin to Bamboo flooring to business flooring like chilewich wall coverings manufactured with renewable sources we’re the Source for Environmentally Friendly Flooring. Smith’s initial bamboo flooring products, sold through the firm’s Plyboo division ( ) are recognizably bamboo.

durapalm is a wood from reclaimed palms that are past there fruit bearing years creating a unique exotic grain floor plywood, flooring, and paneling. Made of palm wood plywood called Durapalm, manufactured in Taiwan and sold in the San Francisco Bay Area by Smith & Fong.

SMITH & FONG PLYBOO introduces a new line of bamboo flooring – Stiletto®, the strongest and most durable addition to our strand flooring line. You can cut and sand Plyboo edge grain bamboo plywood with conventional woodworking equipment, and you can glue and fasten it just as you would do so with wood products. Plyboo is one of the brands owned by Smith&Fong Co., a privately held building materials company based in San Francisco Plyboo was launched as a brand in 1993 by Smith&Fong, the first U.S. company to sell imported bamboo flooring in North America.

IQ Plyboo Durapalm Palm Plywood, Veneer & Flooring  durapalm floors coconut and sugar palm plywood options bring a little bit of the tropics into your home or office. PLYBOO bamboo flooring and plywood is available for sale in a wide range of grains, colors and sizes through World Class Products. Smith & Fong’s Durapalm flooring is made from reclaimed coconut or sugar palm trees that are past their fruit-bearing years.

Smith & Fong Co. is the manufacturer of Plyboo®, the most respected name in bamboo plywood and bamboo flooring, and durapalm flooring  ®, an exotic and beautiful range of flooring and plywood derived from palms. Plyboo Neopolitan Strand bamboo flooring is not only a beautiful, unique look, its durability is suited for high-traffic areas with hardness twice that of red oak it’s the hardest bamboo flooring on the market. Simply Bamboo is a company that only specialises in bamboo flooring, meaning we have devoted all our resources in providing optimal information and quality bamboo flooring products to our clients.

View of Mokusai table designed by Oliver Nisch Made of palm wood plywood called Durapalm and Plyboo, a bamboo laminate, manufactured in Taiwan and China respectively and sold in the San Francisco Bay Area by Smith & Fong. Durapalm sheet goods 3/4 inch by 3 feet by 6 feet cost about $260; 3/4 inch by 3 feet by 8 feet boards cost about $420; End-grain palm plywood 11/8 inch by 3 feet by 6 feet costs about $510. chilewich wall coverings Plyboo bamboo flooring and PlybooQuiet acoustical underlayment system work together harmoniously while keeping things green.

Durapalm is a furniture grade palm wood made entirely 100% reclaimed plantation grown sugar and coconut palm trees, these exotic palm plywood panels can be cut and sanded using conventional woodworking equipment. Whether your desire is to showcase what traditional coconut palm looks and feels like with our Flat and Edge Grain finishes or if you want to go for a more rustic look with our Sugar Palm mondo commercial flooring Deco Collection, Smith & Fong has it all now featuring over 7 different Durapalm flooring finishes to choose from.